Home business Bill and Melinda Gates Are Getting A Divorce: Biggest Ever Following Bezos...

Is he gay? Is she? Is someone having an affair? Will one of their relatives sell them out?

Billionaire couple Bill and Melinda Gates are throwing in the towel. This could be the biggest divorce ever, bigger than Bezos. Even all those billions and their Foundation couldn’t keeo them together. After 27 years and three kids, they are kaput.

I missed the boat on Mrs. Bezos. So Melinda Gates, swipe right when you see my picture. I will move to Redlands, Washington or you can come here. Whatever you want. Let’s say you get half– $60 billion– or $30 billion even. We can make it work!

Who’s already trying to reach Bill Gates? Caitlyn Jenner– he can fund her California governor’s campaign. Kim Kardashian — they can get the innocent out of jail. Madonna– what a career move. Maybe Bill can be the next “Bachelor”!

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