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Lady Gaga may be up for an Oscar again next February.

I’m told that Gaga, who won an Oscar for the song “Shallow” from “A Star is Born,” wrote and performed the title song for Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun Maverick” movie.

The hotly anticipated sequel to the original “Top Gun” will finally be released this fall by Paramount. It was supposed to come in June, and before that last year. But the pandemic put a crimp in everyone’s plans.

Cruise was spotted at a Lady Gaga show in December 2019 wearing a nice suit and tie and standing out like a sore thumb. Video came up on Instagram looking mesmerized by the sensational performer. He may leave his cult and join hers!

Choosing a “Maverick” song is a big deal. The theme song for “Top Gun” was Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away.” It became an international hit and a classic that still plays over and over like it or not.

What else for Lady Gaga? Probably a mid summer release for her second duets album with Tony Bennett. He celebrates his 95th birthday on August 3rd. The album of Cole Porter collaborations should hit around then.

PS That would make three possible Best Song nominees already including Billie Eilish’s “No Time to Die” and Reba McIntire’s “Somehow You Do” — written by Diane Warren, of course.


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