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Justin Bieber’s new album, “Justice,” has sold just under 50,000 copies in CDs and paid downloads. His tour, which is supposed to launch in June, still seems iffy. (The album project, including streaming of singles including the hit “Peaches,” is at around half a million.)

So what to do? Why not add BTS to the album and re-issue it for a third time?

Manager Scooter Braun can do that since his company the one that owns BTS, Hybe, merged last month. Scooter is genius at mixing and matching his acts. He’s put Bieber with Ariana Grande, and Bieber with Shawn Mendes. The sales aren’t that great, and the records aren’t memorable, but it’s all about Hype– or Hybe.

So we will next get Bieber plus BTS, and no doubt some kind of exclusive video that Bieber can play at his concerts if the tour takes off as planned.

And they’ll all be wearing Crocs. Laugh as I do, Crocs is a hot stock right now, and Bieber has a deal with them.

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