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Lana del Rey already released one critically acclaimed best selling album just a few weeks, “Chemtrails over the Country Club.”

But on social media she’s announced a second album, “Blue Banisters,”: set for July 4th. She’s followed the chemtrail of Taylor Swift, who also released two albums last year, “Folklore” and “Evermore.”

We’re seeing an amazing amount of productivity thanks to the pandemic. All that downtime got some pop stars working overtime.

Adele, however, did nothing we know of. No new album in five and a half years. She’s not worried. Whenever she releases her next one, it will sell 10 times as many copies as all these albums. But wouldn’t have been nice to have more, rather than less music from her?

“Chemtrails,” by the way, has sold very well for its category– since March 5th 150,000 copies including 70,000 CDs and downloads. If the radio people worked a single, it could be more!

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