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Roman Polanski is certainly indefatigable.

The 87 year old director cannot be stopped from making new films even with all the controversy surrounding him.

Now there are reports he will direct “The Palace,” with an ensemble cast set in a Swiss hotel. The movie will have to shoot in France, and it’s being funded by Italian company RAI.

No  doubt the cast will include his wife, actress Emmanuelle Seigner. But it could also include Mia Farrow, who flew to the UK and defended him in a libel suit back in 2005.

Farrow didn’t care about Polanski’s checkered history and charges of statutory rape. He directed her in “Rosemary’s Baby” in the Sixties, so all that nasty legal stuff didn’t count.

We’ve never seen “An Officer and A Spy,” Polanski’s last movie, because no American distributor would take it. It’s in French and stars Jean DuJardin. I wish someone would release it here with subtitles! It was also produced by RAI.

It will be interesting to see which actors do star in “The Palace.” Polanski is a great filmmaker despite all the other trouble.

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