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Why is “Big Sky” still on the air? I don’t know.

Last night’s violent episode scored the show’s lowest ratings ever, down to 2,68 million viewers. That’s down 9.76% from the previous episode, which itself was down 13% from the episode before.

This was the show heavily promoted as a vehicle for Ryan Phillippe, who was then shockingly killed off in the first episode. Later in the run, the show’s other known actor, John Carroll Lynch, whose character was evil and violent against women, was killed by Brooke Smith, herself a passing through actor. Smith, who’s always terrific, was long ago in “Silence of the Lambs.” She’s gone but Ted Levine, who held her in that pit, is now playing a character called Horst Kleinsasser. I kid you not. Indeed, a whole new group of characters seem to be on now, and they are cast badly, and written worse.

“Big Sky” comes off like a bad version of “Twin Peaks,” except without the humor, wit, or irony. Women are killed and/or tortured on screen, graphically, and there’s no reason for it.

With these ratings, “Big Sky” is headed for the big round up of TV shows in the sky. It’s a rare misfire from David E, Kelley, who created it and should never mention it again.

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