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It should be of some consolation to the Oscars producers that the ratings were a little higher than originally thought.

The final number was 10.4 million, not 9.8 million. And the key demos were the largest of any show Sunday night. All the numbers were larger than anything else on TV.

The show wasn’t perfect and everyone loves snarking about it. But Soderbergh, Sher, and Collins made lemonade from lemons, frankly. To use another cliche, they took the cards they were dealt and played them as best they could.

The main complaint was about the In Memoriam segment, which seemed like it was on fast forward. But the whole show seemed untimed. Sometimes there were clips, sometimes there weren’t. No one seemed to know if the show was running over and or under time.

I’m surprised about the NYPost trying to suggest that anyone is angry over Anthony Hopkins beating Chadwick Boseman. Hopkins was certain Boseman was winning, and left the country, got out of the way, did almost nothing to interfere with Chadwick’s win.

So what happened? A lot of voters saw “The Father” late, and related to the whole dementia issue, caregiving for parents, etc. It’s that simple. And obviously that story appealed to all Oscar voters regardless of race.


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