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Either way you look at it, Kate Winslet’s “Mare of Easttown” on HBO is turning into a massive hit.

I’d say a watercooler hit, but no one’s in their office. Nevertheless, the murder mystery is following “The Undoing” recipe with everyone trying to figure out whodunit.

Sunday’s episode increased 28% on HBO from Week 1, and 25% across all HBO platforms including HBO Max.

On HBO alone, the number grew from 600,000 the first week to 735,000 the second. Now during the week there will be catch up viewing leading to week 3. With other platforms, the number was 1.2 million up from 1 million total.

And that’s pretty good considering “Mare” was up against the Oscars, same audience, you’d think.

All this points to a big conclusion on May 30th, with the seventh and final episode. The eighth episode will be the Emmy Awards on September 19th, when Winslet and crew sweep through their categories. HBO has really figured out this limited series thing.

Well played, HBO!

Oh who did it? PS I think Guy Pearce. But we’ll see…

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