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Leonardo DiCaprio has optioned Thomas Vinterberg’s Oscar winning “Another Round” to make in English, and in America.

But the movie will not get made, I fear, because it will not translate.

“Another Round” concerns a group of middle aged men in Denmark, teachers no less, who engage in increasing their blood alcohol level out of boredom. They think it will make them smarter and more interesting. Leo would take the main role played so beautifully by Mads Mikkelsen in the film.

In “Another Round,” there is plenty of reference to the high amount of alcohol consumed by the Danish. It’s a drinking country. Like other Scandinavian countries, Denmark is awash in liquor. While these men in the film are sloshing away for fun, drinking is a pastime for their friends as well.

But there’s no mention of AA or alcoholism or judgements made. And in the US, with AA  a way of life, and political correctness solidly overruling all decisions, it’s hard to imagine a group of teachers doing this in a movie for fun. Even if they are instead made into lawyers, or whatever, insurance agents, I doubt a director or screenwriter will be able to pull it off without an outcry from lots of groups.

According to Deadline, which reported the option, Jake Gyllenhaal also wanted the option. I guess he doesn’t learn from the past. Six years ago, Jake made a movie almost no one saw called “Demolition,” about a man who goes on a self destruction kick after his wife dies. The audience did not want to see this movie. Maybe if it had been in Danish, but not in suburban America. Total worldwide box office was $4.6 million, with just a quarter of that in the U.S. I’m not sure if it even streams or plays on cable.

So, Leo, good luck with this one. If it works, I’ll be the first to toast you.


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