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Here’s an update on the “CBS Sunday Morning” profile of Jon Voight.

TCM’s Ben Mankiewicz (grand-nephew of “Mank’) glossed over Voight’s loonier stuff and stuck to his career. He did called Voight a “Trumper,” and mentioned his nutty “Roe v. Wade” movie, but didn’t get into it very deeply.

On the Trump front, Mankiewicz omitted Voight’s real devotion to Trump, how he spoke at the 2016 Inauguration — lone among actors — and eventually was rewarded with a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Voight did not get to opine on a number of things that would have made “Sunday Morning” viewers’ hair stand up straight.

Voight is real dilemma because he is charming and an excellent actor. When you talk to him in person, he glows, and he’s a lot of fun. But then the politics start, and you want to run for the hills. The “Roe v. Wade” movie is an abomination. But if there’s more “Ray Donovan,” and he returns, that’s always welcome.

I must say, I enjoyed the pieces this morning on Merry Clayton and Russ Tamblyn a lot more. Buy Merry’s album on Amazon. It’s wonderful.



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