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All the Oscar prognosticators were wrong. Frances McDormand and Anthony Hopkins won Best Actress, old stalwarts who already had Oscars.

The Academy added thousands of multi cultural people and still came up with conventional but deserving and talented winners.

Carey Mulligan did not win, despite a lot of hype.

Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman, who won the SAG Awards, lost. So much for the theory that SAG predicts the Oscars.

McDormand, looking unhappy and unkempt, still won the night by howling like a wolf when “Nomadland” won Best Picture.

Glenn Close lost for the umpteenth time, but stole the show in a scripted bit that was hilarious. She’s a gem.

The show was a little different than past Oscar broadcasts but I liked it. It was unadorned and familial. The setting of Union Station was intimate and just right. Next year, though, they should include the Best Songs.

But the show was refreshing and hit the right tone during the pandemic. Kudos to the producers.



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