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Did you hear that ABC ordered a series starring Kelsey Grammer and Alec Baldwin? It was not going to be called “Kings of Bombast,” but it could have been.

Now Deadline reports that we viewers dodged a bullet. ABC is not going forward with it. Thank god is all I can see. Much as it would have been fun to write about, “Bombast”– my title– would have been an excruciating half hour.

The premise was Alex and Kelsey, more or less the same age, as old college buddies who reunite “to live the lives they always wanted.” I don’t know what that means. Is it La Cage aux Folles? Are they gay? And there was a third roommate, named Alec Mapa, who I think is a real life gay comedian. Can you imagine what this would have been? And the great James Burrows was going to direct and produce.

Whew! Deadline says this might have been a “companion show” to “The Conners,” even though ABC has done everything to kill that show. It needs to move back to 8pm on Tuesdays before it’s dead for good.

A little Kelsey or Alec solo goes a long way. The idea of the two of them in the same space…this was the universe speaking. No. Please. No.

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