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Meredith Grey is revived, her show isn’t. Dr. Grey finally opened her eyes last night after a season of COVID and hanging around on the beach with old friends.

Still, overnight ratings were 300,000 viewers lower than last week with a total of 4.6 million fans putting away their pales and shovels. Patrick Dempsey, I hope, picked up good guest star money for the season as he sent Meredith back to their kids. Ellen Pompeo must have cut a deal for next season.

“Grey’s” narrowly beat “Law & Order SVU,” which should reap some Emmy nominations for last night’s episode. The show scored 4.3 million viewers, too, with canny promotion of a Demi Lovato song being included on the soundtrack.

Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson spent much of the episode talking down a New York restaurateur who’d reached the breaking point. She was forced to close her business. In the process, there was a tremendous strain on her marriage and with her son.

“In the Year We All Fell Down” should earn Sarita Choudhury a guest star Emmy nomination in drama as Vanessa. She was powerful and disarming in her scenes with Hargitay, who has to be included this year in Best Actress. Emmy voters have turned into snobs, ignoring network shows. This is a mistake. Julie Martin, Warren Leight, and Kathy Dobie deserve a Best Writing nomination as well.

“Law & Order Organized Crime” is hanging in there with 4.2 million. Not gangbusters but okay. Having the same story week after week isn’t helping. Who thought of this plan? It’s not working.

Spirit Awards? We’ll know tomorrow if movie writers were the only people watching.

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