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Netflix’s original series “The Queen’s Gambit” was the big winner of aspire design and home magazine’s 2021 “Best Dressed Rooms in TV and Film Awards” winning for categories including Best Use of Lighting, Best Use of Small Space, Best Hotel Rooms, Coolest Design Detail for Plot Enhancement and Best Living Room.

Judges included Oscar-nominated actor Chazz Palminteri, Tony and Emmy award winning Derek McLane, who designed “Moulin Rouge” as well as the Oscars from 2013-2018, interior designers Kit Kemp, Gail Davis and Katie Ridder, set decorators Melinda Ritz (“Will and Grace”), Beth Kushnick (“The Good Wife”), and Lydia Marks (“Sex and the City”), applauded how “The Queen’s Gambit” set decorator Sabine Schaaf cleverly transformed the living room in chess prodigy Beth Harmon’s (Anya Taylor-Joy) Kentucky home.

“Because we are spending so much time indoors, we’ve all been talking about what TV shows to watch and ways to redecorate, which inspired this idea,” says creator Jill Brooke, a former CNN entertainment reporter and aspire design and home magazine’s floral editor. “People are appreciating and focusing on design more than ever so it’s a perfect marriage and perfect timing. Plus, we get to show some editorial love to the set decorators and floral designers who rarely get the credit they deserve.

“A well-executed, well-dressed set is tantamount to a starring role. Its richness and
authenticity is integral to creating a mood, a place in time that communicates the ensemble,” says Amy Sneider, Founding Editor-In-Chief of aspire design and home magazine.

“We look forward to this being an annual celebration of design,” adds Steven Mandel, President of Hudson One Media, which owns national magazines aspire design and home and Galerie in addition to a stable of regional and custom publications.

Best Contemporary Design
Winner: The Undoing

Best Costumes to Enhance Decor
Winner: Bridgerton

Best Lighting Ambiance
Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

Best Rooms to Evoke Nostalgia
Winner: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Best Use of Public Space
Winner: The Crown

Best Floral Design
Winner: Bridgerton

Best Living Room Design
Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

Best Artwork Display
Winner: The Undoing

Best “Cheap Chic” Design
Winner: Schitt’s Creek

Best Design Detail for Plot Enhancement
Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

Best Dining Scenes
Winner: The Crown

Best Hotel Rooms
Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

Best Bedroom Design
Winner: The Great

Best Period Design
Winner: The Crown

Best Use of Small Space
Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

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