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Is it possible? I actually had a feeling this would happen.

With little promotion or attention, the 2021 Independent Spirit Awards shown live last night at 10pm on the IFC Channel were a spectacular failure.

The two hour special didn’t make the list of top 150 cable shows for Thursday.

Total viewers came to 73,000. And that was being generous. The numbers are tracked by Showbuzz Daily.

In recent years, the Spirit Awards show was able to find around 100,000 viewers. A couple of years ago they were down to 65,000. But those shows were Saturday at 2pm, the day before the Oscars. Why they went with Thursday at 10pm Eastern is beyond me.

The lowest rated show that was monitored on cable at 10pm last night was something on Fox Deportes, with 63,000 viewers.

This is really the season of bad karma. Scott Rudin is gone, there’s upheaval everywhere, and now Film Independent, a group with no good will, has seen broadcast disaster.

In case you don’t know, “Nomadland” won Best Picture. But in a year full of Black actors, none won. The best actors were Carey Mulligan, Riz Ahmed, Youn Yuh-Jung, and Paul Raci.

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