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What happened last night to “The Conners”?

The “Roseanne” spin off dropped 35% from last week in the key demo, 28.4% in total viewers. They lost over 1 million fans from last week, dropping from 3.9 million to 2.8 million.

Granted, last week’s 3.9 million was high for them, but the prior week was 3.3 million. So that’s still a huge drop. And it’s the first time the sitcom dropped below 3 million.

Somehow, “The Conners” has just gone wrong this season. ABC moved the hit from Tuesdays at 8 to Wednesdays at 9 and everything fell apart. They are beaten by everything else at their hour. They’re just on too late, frankly, and the Wednesday move didn’t help.

Will “The Conners” be renewed? The end may be on the horizon.


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