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A “classic” Demi Lovato song will be featured on tomorrow night’s “Law & Order SVU.” Lovato is currently embroiled in a scandal after getting into a fight with a yogurt shop. The plot of the episode has nothing to do with that.

Says producer Warren Leight on Twitter: “The episode takes place on the worst day of guest star Sarita Choudhury’s character’s life. We’ve all had a day, or many days, like that in the last year. Demi has written some great songs about hitting bottom. Start there…”

Leight tells me exclusively: “Existing recording. really glad we were able to get it. Sarita Choudhury is great in the episode, by the way. And Carisi and Rollins have almost all their scenes together.”

Choudhury is featured in tomorrow night’s episode called “In the Year We All Fell Down.” She plays a restaurant owner who’s been shut down during the pandemic and finally snaps.  She’s recurred as a character on “SVU” but she’s best known from Mira Nair’s Mississippi Masala and dozens of film and TV roles.

Lovato is promoting her YouTube documentary and hit album called “Dancing with the Devil.”

“SVU,” by the way, is on a ratings roll in its 22nd season. It’s the hottest show on NBC right now.

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