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Jeez Louise.

Taylor Swift, you know, sold the most records last year with not one but two albums, “Folklore” and “Evermore.” That was right on the heels of her “Lover” album. I’m talking millions. Like it was 20 years ago, not the current horrid state of the music biz.

Not streaming. I’m talking hard sales. CDs and downloads.

Now hitsdailydouble and Buzz Angle predict that on Friday, when the cows come home, Swift’s re-recorded “Fearless” album will hit the 300,000 mark on its debut. That will be 200,000 CDs and downloads, and another 100,000 streaming equivalent.

“Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” will be the so far biggest release of 2021, biggest debut, biggest everything.

And it’s only April. My guess is we get at least one original album more in 2021, and one more re-release, of either “Red” or “1989.”

One day soon, when Taylor writes her book, it will be something. I hope she’s filming all this recording (I’m sure she is) for a documentary. Good for her! She’s a role model for all us lazy asses out there!


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