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This morning there are headlines from a press release that Anna Wintour’s self-gratifying Met Ball will really be TWO Balls!

No, it’s not.

The gala set for next month has been postponed until September. Then the regularly scheduled event for May 2022 will take place back on track.

Get a grip.

There was no Met Ball last May because of the pandemic and it’s the same this year.

The event is costly, and grotesque. As I’ve written in the past, millions are spent to make millions. That’s the idea. It’s an ego trip for Wintour, who has been so mired in controversies about race at Vogue that she’s been ladling on Black cover subjects left and right.

Wintour, in fact, has been so part of the BLM complaints at Conde Nast that her name is taken off the focus of these upcoming events. But she’s still in charge.

They’ve even gone so far as to round up two major figures from Black Hollywood so Wintour can’t be accused of anything. Franklin Leonard, the creator of the BlackList, which is about unproduced hot screenplays and has nothing to do with race will consult. Also Bradford Young, the cinematographer behind “Selma” and “When They See Us.” It’s pretty cynical on Anna’s part, but good representation nonetheless.

So, not two Met Balls. One a year, Calm down. But will Anna do now that Kim and Kanye are no longer a couple? She played them like fiddles for years.

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