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Thursday night is hot again in the ratings world.

Last night Chris Meloni’s “Organized Crime” buried Katy Sagal’s “Rebel” at 10pm. The “Law & Order SVU” spin off didn’t do nearly as well as it did in its premiere last week, falling by about 3 million viewers to 4.7 million.

At 9pm, “SVU” also did just over 4.7 million, narrowly beating “Grey’s Anatomy.” These two old warhorse shows have been on the air since Goldwater ran for president, so it’s impressive that people are still coming back week after week.

But “SVU” is up, and “Grey’s” is down. And yes, Meredith is still in a coma, although not on the beach on “Gray’s.” Maybe Ellen Pompeo is leaving after she wakes up. Meredith isn’t really essential to the show at this point. I guess this was the idea.

The big winner as usual for Thursday night was “Young Sheldon.” Annie Potts is only 68, but they’ve turned her into an 80 year old. It’s like when Estelle Getty played the old lady on “Golden Girls.” “Sheldon” won the night with 6.6 million viewers. Because of Sheldon, that “United State of Al” show at 8:30 scored over 5 million people who stuck around. Amazing. You know, you can change the channel, or read a book, folks.

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