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Is the Cannes Film Festival happening in July?

Right now, COVID is running high in France. The country is in lockdown for the rest of April. Americans and other foreigners can’t travel into France unless they can make a case for a health or business emergency. There is a curfew. The French health minister, Olivier Véran, last week banned outdoor gatherings of more than six people and added three more départements, including the area around Lyon, to 16 already placed under tougher mobility restrictions.

Also in France today, an international scandal about “secret” dinner parties in Paris for the rich and famous.

Would seeing films and going to parties be considered an “emergency” reason for visiting the country? Many of us would say ‘oui.’ But the French health officials might disagree. And in Cannes, secret, unmasked parties would be de rigeur. I’m already upset I haven’t been invited to one!

For this reason, Cannes Lions — the advertising agency version of the film festival — has announced it will be digital only this year. It was set for June 21st through the 25th.

Usually the Cannes Film Festival runs for 11 days beginning around May 9th. When things looked bleak a few months ago, the Festival moved to July 6th.

amFAR is taking $10,000 per seat ticket reservations for a live event at the Hotel duCap in Antibes for Friday, July 16th. LOL. First of all, who is spending that kind of money? Second, even if Cannes began on July 6th, by the 16th the place will be a ghost town.

I’ve already reported that the Film Festival has been eyeing a move to October. No one would be against that. It would put the festival in closer proximity to Oscar buzz. They could have the premiere of the James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” which has been waiting to open for more than a year. It makes sense. All over, more movies will be ready to show.

Spike Lee is set to be head of the next jury whenever Cannes happens. But I’m sure even he would be in favor or putting it off til October. He wants everyone to Do the Right Thing.

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