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Lil Nas X is beside himself tonight.

His “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 1.

I told you on Friday that Buzz Angle and Hitsdailydouble already crowned “Montero” the number 1 single of the week despite its gay themes, mocking of Satan, and miscellaneous craziness. It was also pretty catchy.

The eye popping video didn’t hurt, either. On YouTube, the video is approaching 90 MILLION views. That’s, 90,000,000 in one week.

Lil Naz, whose real name is Montero, wrote on Twitter: “y’all told a 19 year old who had just escaped the lowest point of his life that he would never have a hit again. you told him to stop while he’s ahead. he could’ve gave up. but 4 multi platinum songs and 2 #1’s later, he’s still here. thank you to my team and my fans! ily”

He’s an interesting guy at age 22 this week. This is a brilliant kid. We may not be comfortable with all his ideas, but he’s making them all palatable. That’s shrewd on his part. And he’s writing this music. And lyrics with complex themes. So stay tuned. He’s going to be around for a while.

His surprise at being number 1 again is disarming. Remember, with “Old Town Road,” including the Billy Ray Cyrus remix, Lil Nas X ruled the charts for months in 2019. He was number 1 for 19 record breaking weeks. Everyone thought it was a fluke, a novelty record, and he’d be gone. We were wrong.

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