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Hunter Biden has suddenly jumped out front in the Oscar race. After his performance on “CBS Sunday Morning” this morning, Hunter’s work as Eddie Haskell (look it up, kids) may push him past Chadwick Boseman and Anthony Hopkins for an Academy Award.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Joe Biden, and Jill Biden. I support his presidency totally. But this whole campaign to rehab Hunter with this book, “Beautiful Things,” is a hoot. Whoever set up that segment on “Sunday Morning” today deserves the PR award of the century.

Indeed, the whole book idea is great. The idea is to admit everything, cry a lot, and get everyone’s sympathy. If he’d just stayed quiet and in the background, I wouldn’t have given Hunter another thought. But this campaign is so cynical, I burst out laughing.

Also, really a segment lasting nine minutes and 44 seconds in which not a serious question is asked is the last straw. And since he’s offering his personal life up for inspection, what happened to the woman he had a baby with, didn’t want to take responsibility while he was dating his sister-in-law? I really wanted Tracy Smith to ask him about all that. Plus, his new wife and baby. If you’re not going to get into his business life, at least talk about that.

Oh, Eddie Haskell. Without a doubt.

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