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Is the pandemic over?

May be.

In its opening week, from last Wednesday through today, “Godzilla v Kong” made a monstrous $48.5 million. That was in fairly wide release, 3000 theaters. (Kong no longer uses “King,” his first name, patterning himself after Madonna.)

The film stars Alexander Skarsgaard, Millie Bobby Brown, and Rebecca Hall, among others. Plus, of course, the leads.

Did people wear masks? Did anyone care? Was everyone vaccinated? Who knows?

Ironically, the battle of the CGI titans comes from Warner Bros., which also had “G v K” on HBO Max, so the movie made even more for those who invited the gnarly pair into their living and bedrooms.

Elsewhere at the box office, a real movie — “Minari,” an Oscar movie — has made $2 million. But “Nomadland,” which may win Best Picture, is playing somewhere but there are no box office results reported. What a year!

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