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The “Law & Order SVU” reunion cross over CRUSHED everything last night. The Stabler-Benson pairing, the new “Organized Crime” took out “Grey’s Anatomy” and everything on TV.

A whopping 7.5 million — twice the “SVU” regular audience– tuned in for the two hour special.

“Grey’s” did around 4.0 million as Meredith finally got off the beach and started breathing on her own. Ellen Pompeo may have signed a new contract!

“Grey’s” almost fell below 4 million, hitting an all time low and about to sink into a situation that suggests they are wrapping up. It’s been a disaster of a season.

Meanwhile “SVU” in the first hour did 7.6 million, followed by “OG” with 7.55. NBC and Dick Wolf got their big bang. They spent some money on the second hour, too, with Chazz Palminteri as the bad guy, and Dylan McDermott as his son. Meloni is going to have a Renaissance now, and “SVU” could make it to season 25. Nicely done!

Also for the first time in a few years, New York has two “L&O” shows shooting in the city. It’s great for actors, production, everyone. (As long as they don’t shoot in my neighborhood!)

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