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I told you exclusively back in January 2020 that “Knives Out would return with Daniel Craig starring as Detective Benoit Blanc and Rian Johnson writing and directing.

The first film was a crazy hit from LionsGate, getting Oscar nominations and lots of kudos. Everyone loved that murder mystery. Ana de Armas became such a star she moved in with Ben Affleck for a while. Chris Evans made cable knit sweaters sell out. Don Johnson had his best role since “Miami Vice.”

Now Deadline.com is confirming our scoop. The sequels will come from bottomless money pit Netflix, not Lions Gate. Johnson has written them or is finishing them. Craig, who may wind up his James Bond run if “No Time to Die” is ever released, headlines another franchise. He’s terrific as Benoit Blanc.

The next installment films this summer in Greece. Johnson will have actors clamoring for roles, but he’s smart not to have superstars. just eclectic casts like chapter 1. Will any of the original cast return? Something tells me Ana de Armas, now free of Ben Affleck, will turn up to help Benoit solve the crime. Maybe the victim will be killed wearing a cable knit sweater !

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