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The cashing out of legacy rock stars continues apace.

Paul Simon has sold his amazing, may I say incredible, song catalog to Sony Music Publishing. For more than Bob Dylan’s $300 million? I sure hope so.

You can’t stop listing Simon’s hits, secondary hits, and so on. From “The Sound of SIlence” and “Red Rubber Ball” at the beginning of his career, through five albums of Simon & Garfunkel classics like “Bridge over Troubled Water” — a gem in the crown — to “American Tune,” “Mother and Child Reunion.” “Graceland,” and four albums of great songs from recent releases that are yet to be mined or marketed properly.

For example, there’s a song called “Father and Daughter” that should be the “Forever Young” of his later catalog. And there are many more like it.

Not to mention “Mrs. Robinson,” “Still Crazy After All These Years,” “Slip Sliding Away,” and on and on.

Simon, who will be 80 this year, has set up his family for life. They better give him a big birthday party.

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