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That’s all, folks.

On Sunday night “The Walking Dead” fell below 2 million viewers to an all time low.

The number was 1,938.000. That’s a substantial drop from last week’s 2.11 million. I don’t know what those Zombies are up to, but the fans don’t like it. They’re leaving in droves.

In February, the number was 2.89. The steady decline is a sad saga for a show that once commanded north of 10 million viewers in a night. “Walking Dead” was a ratings monster. Now it’s on life support.

There’s only one episode left for this season, and then a summer season during which AMC should just let the whole die quietly. By then there will be so few people watching it won’t matter anyway.

Spin offs? Extra movies? I do think Andrew Lincoln was smart to cut bait and exit when he did, rather than wait for the eulogies.

The shark jump? When Negan took out his bat and bashed heads in a few years ago. I left, and I’m sure a lot of others did, too. Negan as a main character was nothing anyone wanted. That has been proven.

By the way, Negan  killed Glenn, whose portrayer got the last laugh: Steven Yeun is the star of the beautiful movie, “Minari,” and nominated for an Oscar. LOL. A very happy ending.


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