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Does anyone know what happened? Can you hear me, Major Tom?

Nick Jonas’s “Spaceman” album is now completely dead. This failure to launch is very unusual for a big pop star. But “Spaceman” is not even falling back to Earth. It’s floating in the outer reaches of our galaxy, adrift, deprived of oxygen.

Sales for two weeks come to just 14,800 in CDs and downloads. With streaming, the album has sold 33,700 copies according to Buzz Angle. It’s gone from any chart.

You can’t live a big celebrity life style on sales of 14,800. So the question is, what did happen? “Spaceman” was no better or worse than any previous Jonas album. Granted, there was no breakout single like Joe Jonas’s “Cake by the Ocean.” But there were plenty of tracks for Adult Contemporary radio, and pop. Nick is a good pitchman. He gave it a go on “SNL.”

But that’s it. The party is over. I guess Nick goes back to work on a Jonas Brothers album and writes this off. Very unusual for Universal Music Group, which otherwise commands the charts. But this release didn’t even get a chance.

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