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Lil Nas X, the 21 year old rapper, made so much money last year from “Old Town Road” he can do anything he likes now.

And he is.

His new single and video, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” is causing a sensation. The video already has more than 10 million views on YouTube. The single is number 3 on iTunes. People are paying attention.

“Montero” is named for the rapper himself– that’s his first name. The single covers homophobia, Satanism, Plato, and lap dancing. It’s no Old Town Road. That’s all  been paved over. Lil Nas X is turning himself into a force to be reckoned with.

Nas made a lot of jokes last year on Twitter about all the “Old Town Road” remixes, especially the one with Billy Ray Cyrus that put him over the top. I’m not sure there will be any country stars lining up for this one, but you never know.

Whatever you think of the song, this video has incredible graphics. It looks very expensive. And, it’s, uh, wild. Can;t wait to see this reproduced live on awards shows this fall!

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