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Justin Bieber, who’s having trouble selling concert tickets to his new tour, is also struggling to sell albums.

His new one, “Justice,” had opening week sales 37% lower than his last album, “Changes,” released a year ago.

Sold mostly in streaming equivalent units, “Justice” totaled 158,000. Around 120,000 of those sales came from streaming.

“Changes” finished its first week with 231,000 including streaming.

And of course, all of this is eclipsed by his career high for “Purpose” in 2016, which sold 649,000 in its first week. Those days are over.

Indeed, this time around, Lana Del Rey actually sold nearly twice as many CDs and paid downloads with 62,000.

Del Rey’s “Chemtrails over the Country Club,” however, was the big winner when it came to hard sales. “Chemtrails” sold a whopping 61,500 copies via CD and downloads. Her fans really wanted to have that album in hand.

“Justice” sold just 31,000 copies according to Buzz Angle and Hits Daily Double.

In solid sales, Lana is number 1.

“Justice” got its justice with total sales and streaming of 158,000. Del Rey’s total came to 79,000.

Bieber’s strength is in streaming, which doesn’t generate as much income.  Years from now– like two years from now — fans will have a solid reminder of “Chemtrails” whereas “Justice” will be adrift in the Spotify catalog.

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