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Whoa stand back.

Lana DelRey is projected to outsell Justin Bieber this week and be the “real” number 1 on Friday.

Lana’s highly praised  “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” is set to sell around 54,000 copies in CDs and downloads. Bieber will sell only 27,000 in those formats.

Lana wins!

Bieber’s triumph is in streaming. Adding in those numbers, Bieber will total around 135,000. Lana should hit around 70,000. Bieber’s fans are just hitting the streaming buttons over and over. They don’t necessarily need to own a copy of “Justice.”

For Del Rey, “Chemtrails” may be her biggest album ever. At the same time, Bieber is struggling to sell singles. It will be interesting to see how his second week fares. Also, the singles that are selling are all with duet partners like Khalid. Hope they’re getting proper payment for their participation!

Numbers are from HitsDailyDouble and Buzz Angle.

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