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Looks like fans may be tired of crying for the Pearsons.

This fifth season of “This is Us,” a five hanky weeper of a soap opera, is in a spiral down in the ratings this season.

Last night the drama hit 4.8 million, down from the season start last fall of 7.3 million. Each week this season has shown a deterioration as all the big “surprises” and reveals from the past and future have been used up. Jack is still dead, just like Generalissimo Franco (that’s an old SNL joke).

In its early days, “This is Us” was scoring 10 or 12 million viewers a night. After the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, it drew a staggering 26 million.

Little by little, the “This is Us” audience is moving on and moving away. Delayed viewing might help but the trend is there. And they still have to make it to the middle of May with eight more episodes. They may want consider wrapping it up now rather than go for a sixth even shortened season.

Now is the time for Sterling K. Brown to make his move into film. He should really be able to go along the trail blazed by Viola Davis. Fingers crossed.

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