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Here’s a referendum for sociologists to study:

Last night’s episode of “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose” dropped by 400,000 viewers at 10pm when the talk turned from roses to race.

The first two hours of “The Bachelor,” a snore of talk about Matt James choosing between two women, scored 5.7 million viewers.

But then the third hour, in which James had to confront his now estranged winner, Rachael Kirkconnell, fell to 5.3 million. That’s right — 400,000 people checked out when the conversation turned to race, to plantation parties, and world reality.

Host Emmanuel Acho  kept warning viewers that the coming talk in the third hour would be uncomfortable. They took that warning more seriously than if they were about to see sex or violence, and left.

All three hours were beaten soundly by “The Voice” on NBC, with over 7 million viewers. Where did everyone go at 10pm? Either to “Bull” on CBS or to bed. The whole thing is Bull, if you ask me.

America does not want the race conversation mixed in their romantic fantasies. That audience can’t take the truth, thank you very much.

Coming soon: two back to back “Bachelorette” seasons, no Chris Harrison, if ever, until next year.


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