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HBO’s “Allen v. Farrow” dropped again in its third week.

The disingenuous, one sided screed against Woody Allen drew 321,000 viewers Sunday at 9pm. Of those people, 40,000 were in the key demo.

That was down from 333,000 the second week, and 50,000 in the key demo.

There’s been a decline in interest every week since the series, made by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, began three weeks ago. This week’s episode should show even fewer viewers as it has no revelations or invented facts to present. The fourth episode is just Ronan Farrow crabbing about Woody Allen’s former publicist, and others kvetching about nothing.

Indeed, Dick and Ziering have run out of steam. Since they refused to make a balanced film, or entertain any other ideas, or explore Mia Farrow’s crazy, suicidal, criminal family, they have nothing left to say.

HBO is taking a bath with this series. Just a few months ago, they had Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant pulling a million viewers in for “The Undoing.” Now they’ve squandered this valuable real estate on junk.

The real meanness here is what should be discussed: how Mia Farrow turned Dylan into a professional victim for the rest of her life, how Mia hates Soon Yi enough to try and destroy her as well as Woody, and their college age daughters. Mia has no love for any of these people. She’s just wallowed in spite for almost 30 years.

And before HBO tries to get Polk Awards or whatever for this series, they may want to explain to all those blue ribbon panels how they left out of the discussion Ronan Farrow’s deal with them to make documentaries. No transparency.


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