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The Critics Choice Awards are LIVE right now on the CW Network, which is Channel 11 in New York. Check your local listings.

First movie winners are Daniel Kaluuya, Best Supporting Actor, for “Judas and the Last Messiah.” Supporting Actress went to Maria Bakalova, for “Borat Subsequent Movie.”

Kaluuya, especially, is of note here. He won the Golden Globes, also. He’s on his way to the Oscars. This is an upset over Sacha Baron Cohen, who has campaigned heavily for “The Trial of the Chicago 7” and has a lot of good will.

Bakalova is a left field choice, but a good one. She convinced the audience and a lot of real people in the movie that she was a 15 year old refugee from Kazakhstan. It was a little ironic to see Cohen lose to Kaluuya and then see the young woman he hired for “Borat” win.

Keep refreshing. More to come!

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