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Donna Hanover must be prostrate on a fainting couch.

Her daughter, Caroline Giuliani, has announced in the most public way possible that she’s polyamorous, i.e. threeways with couples.

This is also Rudy Giuliani’s daughter. He must be prostate on a fainting couch.

While it’s brave of Caroline to embrace her sexuality, I’m not sure why she had to do it in Vanity Fair. Except that they — I hope — paid her a lot of money to write that piece. A lot. Please, Caroline, I hope it was thousands of dollars.

I mean, no one was asking about her private life. But what is a private life anymore? Especially when you can make some coin from it.

Her article is called “A Unicorn’s Tale: Three-Way Sex With Couples Has Made Me a Better Person.”

For Rudy, who was last seen in “Borat 2” coming on to a girl who he thought was a reporter from Kazakhstan, going into a hotel bedroom and playing with his, er, pants, the Guiliani’s definitely have sexual freedom in their jeans, er, genes.

But poor Donna. How much Xanax is there?

I’m not denying Caroline her life, or criticizing her choices. She owns it. She’s very happy. But there’s no such as being circumspect anymore. Her first sentence is “I want to watch my boyfriend bend you over”. She’s not holding back.

On Instagram, she says: “Shame around sex is my nemesis, so I wrote this @vanityfair piece about my sexual liberation! Link in story to the full article. 🦄 P.S. Happy belated national threesome day, which was apparently yesterday!”

I’m trying to imagine Rudy discussing this down at Mar-a-Lago or The Breakers in Palm Beach. Or at Four Seasons Landscaping.

Look, everyone should just be happy, live long and prosper!

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