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Miley Cyrus has not left the building.

Still not 30 — she’s 28 — Miley feels like she’s lived several lifetimes. But even at this young age, her record sales are in terrible decline. She needs to be reinvented.

Her last two RCA albums, “Plastic Hearts” and “Younger Now,” were disasters. Her only real hit album was 2013’s “Bangerz.” That was eight years ago.

So Miley has left RCA and joined Sony corporate cousin label, Columbia Records. Ron Perry, who’s had a lot of success getting Columbia in order, signed her. It’s unclear what plan he has, but pointing Miley to country music with a pop edge seems like the only plan that might work. Metal, punk, and so on are offensive to her core audience. Perry will have to reason with her if she wants to make more records.

The fact is, Miley has an outstanding voice. She’s wasting it on a lot of junk. How about a Rick Rubin-produced Miley Cyrus album? How about a remake of “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”? It’s time to turn her into a vocalist supreme. No more Joan Jett (and I love Joan Jett but that’s not for Miley Cyrus).

And no more Dead Petz. Only living ones, preferably puppies!

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