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The final numbers for the Golden Globes were worse than imagined. Just 6,913,000 tuned into the NBC show on Sunday.

Last year’s Globes had 18.3 million viewers.

What the heck happened?

Contributing factors were the scandals around the Globes which finally resonated for viewers. I’ve written about the Hollywood Foreign Press for years. But it finally sank in this year that the group has no black voters and constantly snubs black films.

This year, the revelations came just in the week leading up to the broadcast. Suddenly, three of the four acting winners in the main categories were black actors. It’s hard to believe those were the original choices, but I’ll accept it.

I don’t know how the Globes can change, but there is a replacement: the Critics Choice Awards. Diverse and professional, the voting membership of around 300 critics is qualified and unimpeachable. The show airs this Sumday on the CW Network. CBS should just pick it up and run it on their main networks. There’s never any controversy and the group’s choices are usually spot on.


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