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The Golden Globes posted early numbers today that indicate possibly their worst ratings ever, and by a lot. It’s possible fewer than 12 million people watched the show, down from 18 million last year.

This should be worrying to the Oscars, set for April 25th. For one thing, they’re two months away, which is a long time to be celebrating the same movies.

Second, the Globes numbers do indicate that not many people have seen this year’s movies, and they’re not going to by April.

There is simply no buzz in the air despite this group of films being above average, a really great group of movies. But they also small films, indies, no blockbusters to mitigate the art house films. And that’s really the problem. The pandemic has just watered down everything.

ABC and the Academy may have to adjust their thinking about how this year’s show could possibly do, given the circumstances. There are going to be a lot of lowered expectations. Maybe they can get Adele to come sing some old Oscar Best Song winners. That would be my first move.

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