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Remember Morgan Wallen’s N word scandal? Not really?

No one who buys country music seems to remember it either. That was so four weeks ago!

Wallen was “suspended” by his record label, and terminated by his talent agency, music licensing company, and the Country Music Awards.

That was some tough suspension. Since then, Wallen has sold boatloads of records via streaming and downloading.

This week his double album, called “Dangerous: The Double Album” for country fans who couldn’t figure that headscratcher out. went over the 1 million sales mark to 1.1 million.

The album is STILL number on iTunes with 172,000 copies of CDs and downloads.

And all this despite TMZ catching him using the N word on tape. His fans didn’t care. I’m surprised Donald Trump doesn’t have him as an opening act at CPAC or biPap or whatever it’s called tomorrow.

Yee hah!

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