Home Television Ratings: “The Conners” Wins the Night on Broadcast TV, Which Isn’t Saying...

Good news: “The Conners” won Wednesday night with the highest rated broadcast show. The former “Roseanne” sitcom pulled in 3.789 million viewers.

They narrowly beat “The Goldbergs” which precedes them by an hour on ABC.

But this isn’t saying much. “The Conners” used to have 3 million more fans when it ran on Tuesdays at 8pm. Wednesdays at 9 hasn’t been easy.

“The Conners” also benefited from NBC’s “Chicago” shows all being reruns last night. Usually, they would win.

Over on cable, Rachel Maddow once beat Sean Hannity at 9pm, MSNBC is kicking FoxNews’s ass. As it should be. Maddow had 3.4 million vs Hannity’s 2.8 million. The Fox audience has left. Maybe they’re in rehab!

The Fox ratings disaster is now affecting Tucker Carlson. His ratings are dropping incrementally. On Wednesday he was down to 3 million. If MSNBC moved Chris Hayes out and put Joy Reid in at 8, they could beat him. They should reverse their shows.

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