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As I told you first on Saturday, Woody Allen‘s book publisher, Skyhorse, didn’t grant permission for use of audio from Woody’s book, “Apropos of Nothing,” in the HBO doc “Allen v. Farrow.” The audio segments take up quite a bit of the doc series, and make it seem as if Woody was interviewed for it. He was not. Until last week, Skyhorse didn’t know that HBO had used the audio segments.

Below is a copy of the letter sent by Skyhorse’s lawyers to HBO. Skyhorse’s lawyer writes: Skyhorse accordingly is giving notice that if, after viewing the documentary, it deems the documentary’s use of audiobook excerpts to exceed legitimate fair use, it will seek full compensation from HBO and the producers for willful copyright infringement.”

In other words, a lawsuit may be imminent. I’ve seen the remaining episodes, and there’s more of “Apropos” all through them. All without permission.

Here’s the letter:

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