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Regé-Jean Page, the sexy star of “Bridgerton,” was supposed to pull in big ratings for “Saturday Night Live.”

With musical guest Bad Bunny, there were high hopes for a lift after last week’s 4.1 million.

Well, there was a lift, to 4.2 million. But that’s well below this season’s average, and last season’s as well.

If Regé-Jean had hit 4.4, there might have been celebrating. But this was a meh-showing for a current flash in the pan star.

Plus, there was Michael Che’s unwelcome anti-Semitic jokes.

“SNL” is not funny right now. They’ve abandoned politics post-election. I guess they don’t want to poke even gentle fun at Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, Trump is gone, and the show is adrift. The pedestrian sketches just aren’t making it. There’s not much going on with Kate McKinnon, either. Maybe everyone’s just burned out. It’s reflected in the ratings.

The only good laugh was in the cold open. And by the way, Kenan Thompson’s pilot, shown after “SNL” last night, was terrible.Poorly cast and written, and directed. Everyone mumbled and talked fast. Kenan is such a star, he deserves better casting around him. (Chris Redd excepted, he could have his own show.)

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