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Netflix wants the Oscar for Best Picture really badly. They’ve come close with “Roma” and “The Irishman,” but now they have a real shot and they’re pulling out all the stops.

For Aaron Sorkin’s really wonderful “Trial of the Chicago 7,” Netflix is going to show the film for free on their YouTube channel for 48 hours beginning tonight at midnight. All day Friday and Saturday, through 11:5pm Saturday night, you can watch this film for nothin’.

The reason is tomorrow is the 52nd anniversary of the acquittal of the Chicago 7 in the infamous crazy trial depicted in Sorkin’s film.

This is the link.

I just watched “The Trial of Chicago 7” on Netflix again the other night. It’s a great film that certainly could be Best Picture. Its only other real competition is Searchlight’s “Nomadland.” You better believe that if Netflix could throw screening events, “Chicago 7” would be a hot ticket in NY and LA and that cast members would be doing Q&As, lunches, breakfasts, and dinners non stop.

The entire cast is super. Eddie Redmayne as Tom Hayden is much better in the second viewing. But Sacha Baron Cohen is overwhelming in the showy role of Abbie Hoffman. He’s the most likely Oscar candidate, and could easily win Best Supporting Actor. Mark Rylance, to me, is the heart of the film as William Kunstler and should have gone in the lead category. Frank Langella is outstanding as crazy Judge Julius Hoffman. For SAG voters, they’ve got a Best Ensemble here, no question. And Sorkin will and should get writing and directing nods.

So take advantage of this Netflix give away. This is a real treat. And watch it on a big screen, please. No phones or computer screens.

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