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We’ll see how the ratings were tomorrow for tonight’s “American Idol.” But the gimmick of letting 16 year old Claudia Conway advance to the next round is not funny.

Claudia got her Golden Ticket, but not before Luke Bryan was brave enough to say she wasn’t ready for the show.

Katy Perry and Lionel Richie overruled Luke, and let Claudia in. I think this is a mistake. The show is using her for ratings, Period.

Claudia is already a social media star of infamy. Her young life is dissected daily because her parents are letting her cause chaos on TikTok. Now, this.

Luke Bryan was right. Her voice isn’t ready. Her delivery isn’t either. She twists her mouth in a very unattractive way. A coach might help, but two more years would, also. The Conways are exposing Claudia to public criticism.

She was so bad on her first song that the judges stopped her. Then they acquiesced and let her sing Adele’s “When I Was Young.” It was okay, but not great. And now she’s made the cut. She’s never going to be a great pop singer. But the time her teen years are over, she’s going to have a tough hide.

PS If we have to see Kellyanne Conway again on a big screen, I will throw the TV out the window.



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