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Rachel Maddow made it four for four again this week. On Thursday night she once again trounced Sean Hannity at 9pm in the cable news race.

Maddow scored just over 4 million viewers on MSNBC on Thursday, a high for the week and her fourth day in a row of killing it.

Sean Hannity, literally dying on the vine, came in with 2,858,000 viewers. Hannity has literally lost 2 million viewers over the last three or four months.

Hannity more or less tied with Lawrence O’Donnell, whose 10pm show on MSNBC had 2,835,000 million. O’Donnell’s direct Fox News competition, Laura Ingraham, could only find 2,261,000.

This news comes as Fox News has fired Lou Dobbs from Fox Business (I’m happy to see David Asman is getting the spot) because of a $2.7 billion lawsuit. Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro could be next since they’re also named as defendants.

Overall Fox News ratings are in substantial decline as their main mission — to support a corrupt and criminal president — has backfired.

This coming week, with coverage of the impeachment trial, Fox should really take a beating vs. CNN and MSNBC.



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