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Hollywood has a short memory.

It was only seven months ago that Nick Cannon lost his jobs with Viacom and his talk show was put on hold after he was caught making anti-Semitic remarks. He also thoroughly backed Louis Farrakhan. His You Tube channel was full of interviews supporting Nation of Islam ideals.

But then Sherry Redstone of Viacom, whose first husband was a rabbi, took offense. So Nick was fired from Viacom and “Wild n Out” show. He threatened to sue and said he owned the show. (He didn’t). He was also bounced from MTV and Viacom.

His syndicated talk show from Debmar-Mercury was put on hold.

The only company that didn’t fire him was Fox, for hosting “The Masked Singer.”

Nick started an apology tour, sucking up to rabbis and so on. He never really rebuked Farrakhan or the Nation of Islam.

But you know, that was then. This is now. Nick is back. All has been forgiven. These people are so stupid, it hurts. But there we are.

Listen, Morgan Wallen used the “N” word this week, and he’s barely suffered a scratch. If there’s money to be made, no one’s going to hold a grudge.


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