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The cable news ratings are in for Monday and Tuesday this week, and they’re not good for Fox News.

On Monday, Rachel Maddow took Sean Hannity to the cleaners. She had 3.7 million viewers at 9pm on MSNBC. Hannity at 2.992 million over at Fox News. That’s a difference of 700,000.

On Tuesday, Maddow continued her winning streak with 3.557 million. Hannity was at 3 million.

Maddow’s success translates directly to her following show on MSNBC, “The last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.” On Monday O’Donnell had 3.1 million viewers. Ingraham had just 2.076 million. Yikes!

It’s all downhill for Fox News at night. Their only bright spot is Tucker Carlson, who’s outscoring MSNBC’s Chris Hayes at 8pm. Apparently Tucker “tucks in” Fox News viewers who go to sleep when the nutty formerly bow-tied blowhard ends his hour of conspiracy theories and fake news.

We still have three more nights this week. Stay tuned!




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