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Warner Bros. says it’s gone charging into the breach to make a third “Wonder Woman” movie.

But the second one, “Wonder Woman 1984,” has been a bust in theaters. Granted, theaters aren’t open in a lot of places. But Warner’s has still found 2,200 screens for Patty Jenkins’ movie starring Gal Gadot.

And in those 2,200 locations, “WW84” has made just $37 million in five weeks. That’s underwhelming to say the least. But so were the reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, critics have it at 59%.

Of course, “WW84” was available on HBO Max until today, when the runs ends. But let’s say it took in the same amount there via subscribers. A $74 million total for this DC Comics film would have been a disaster beyond description.

So it wasn’t just the pandemic keeping people away from “Wonder Woman.” Poor word of mouth definitely had something to do with it.

Do we need another “Wonder Woman’? Is the Patty Jenkins magic over? WB and DC are counting on her for more hits. Let’s hope she can lasso the chemistry of the first “Wonder Woman” again, and quickly.



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